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Cloete, S.W.P.

  • Vol 78, No 4 (2007) - Original Research
    Factors related to shell deaths during artificial incubation of ostrich eggs
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  • Vol 74, No 2 (2003) - Short Communication
    Infestation with the sheep body louse (Bovicola ovis) in Merino lines divergently selected for maternal multiple rearing ability : short communication
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 73, No 2 (2002) - Original Research
    Preliminary results on the use of diagnostic ultrasonography as a management tool to quantify egg production potential in breeding ostrich (Struthio camelus australis) females
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 72, No 4 (2001) - Original Research
    Factors related to high levels of ostrich chick mortality from hatching to 90 days of age in an intensive rearing system
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 71, No 3 (2000) - Original Research
    A preliminary evaluation of a sheep blowfly trap in the Western Cape
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 70, No 3 (1999) - Original Research
    The application of a selenium fertiliser for the correction of marginal deficiencies in grazing sheep
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