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Journal URL https://journals.jsava.aosis.co.za/index.php/jsava
Title Journal of the South African Veterinary Association
Publisher AOSIS
Description The Journal of the South African Veterinary Association (JSAVA), is a contemporary multi-disciplinary scientific mouthpiece for Veterinary Science in South African and abroad. It provides veterinarians in South Africa and elsewhere in the world with current scientific information across the full spectrum of veterinary science, diseases or other conditions that are endemic in, or particularly relevant to sub-Saharan Africa.
Keywords veterinary; dogs; animals; cattle; Africa; lymphoma; rabies; virus; blood; prevalence; region; breeds; age; disease; oxygen; pigs; risk; clinical; species; body; treatment; control; domestic; sample; performance; isolates; infected; horses; herds
Language(s) English (en_US)
Publisher Email submissions@jsava.co.za

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