Diagnosing and managing cardiopulmonary diseases in small animals

Book Title: Small animal cardiopulmonary medicine – Self-assessment color review
Editors: Wendy A. Ware
ISBN: 978-1-84076-164-1
Publisher: Manson Publishing Ltd, London; $44.99*
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Review Title: Diagnosing and managing cardiopulmonary diseases in small animals
Reviewer: Johan P. Schoeman1
Affiliation: 1Department of Companion Animal Clinical Studies, University of Pretoria, Ondestepoort campus, South Africa
Postal address: Private Bag X04, Onderstepoort 0110, South Africa
How to cite this book review: Schoeman, J.P., 2013, ‘Diagnosing and managing cardiopulmonary diseases in small animals’, Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 84(1), Art. #954, 1 page. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/jsava.v84i1.954
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Book Review
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This book brings together a number of international specialist contributors to produce an eminently readable addition to the Self-assessment color review series. It covers a wide variety of cases involving cardiac and pulmonary diseases, or related clinical signs that are relevant to the practicing veterinarian. The collection is appropriate not only for general practitioners looking for a quick review of cardiac, respiratory and other intra-thoracic disorders, but also for those studying towards a higher professional qualification. Veterinary students should also find these cases useful when preparing for professional examinations. In addition, this collection is intended to provide an enjoyable way for practicing veterinarians to expand their knowledge of canine and feline cardiothoracic problems.

The cases presented largely focus on the causes of respiratory distress, cough, or other signs, that mainly relate to lower respiratory, cardiac and intra-thoracic disorders. Many cases in this book involve common diseases, with a focus on important principles of diagnosis and management. Others are more challenging or unusual, such as the case of a 12-week-old kitten with laryngeal paralysis. Some cases contained in this book reflect diseases (e.g. parasitic) that are common in some geographical regions, but occur with low prevalence, or not at all, in others.

One shortcoming is that the cases are ordered randomly throughout the book, as they are likely to occur in clinical practice, which makes focused study somewhat difficult. However, a classification of cases and a further reading list arranged by topic does facilitate a review of specific problems and their management. The cases and related questions are presented on one page, so the reader is encouraged to think about specific answers or management strategies before turning the page to see the written explanations. Practitioners should find this book interesting and enjoyable, as well as useful in their practices.

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